Your Dentist In Hartford Will Help You Relax With Nitrous Oxide

Many of our dental patients experience mild to severe fear or anxiety about dental care. Whether it’s from a past experience or from no explainable reason at all, it keeps patients from getting the care they need and want to stay healthy – in both oral and overall health. If it prevents you from seeing us at Hartford Family Dentistry, we can help – with Nitrous oxide! 

Does your heart race when you think about “going to the dentist”? How about when you lie down in our chair? What about fear, apprehension, or embarrassment? If so,you are definitely in good company. 

Through sedation, we have helped hundreds of patients gain control of their fear – and we can help you too! Relax and gain a sense of well-being with Nitrous oxide. You may know it as laughing gas and it is one of the safest forms of sedation available. Nearly everyone can use this mild, fast-acting, non-allergenic gas. 

Nitrous oxide sedation is also called “conscious sedation,” because it does not make you sleep or block your memory. Instead, it will quickly relax you while we do our work. You will have full control, be awake, and you’ll have no difficulty responding to us. 

Administering laughing gas is easy and comfortable too! You’ll wear a light mask over your nose that provides the Nitrous oxide. You’ll notice the calming effect almost immediately. Patients has also reported feeling light-headed and euphoric. There may be tingling or a heaviness in your arms and legs. During your treatment, we’ll adjust the dosage to ensure your comfort. 

Why is nitrous oxide also called laughing gas? Well … some people get a case of the giggles when they begin feeling the effects of the gas. Not to worry, we’ll smile along with you!